Product Briefs

Product Briefs

Commercial ASIST Product Brief:

Advanced System for Integration and Spacecraft Test (ASIST) provides complete off-the-shelf COTS satellite telemetry and command processing for integration and test (I&T) and operations environments.

ASIST has successfully supported many missions in I&T and/or Flight Operations throughout the aerospace community, including: WMAP, EO-1, FUSE, ST-5, GLAS, IMAGE, TRMM, XTE, CIRS, ATRO-E(XDS), HST, Landsat-7, EOS-Aura, JWST, and X37.

ASIST has logged hundreds of thousands of hours in both I&T and Flight Operations with mission success based on its superior design and track record, The designAmerica ASIST Engineering Team is the best in the business, and has won many awards at NASA for its superior product support.

The ASIST product suite is a completely integrated, extensible, and easy to interface system, consisting of 3 parts, FEDS, DHDS, and the ASIST W-S:

Front End Data System (FEDS)

Standard PC running Red-Hat Enterprise Linux
(Optional) PCI internal bit sync
Broad gateway support (DSN, SN, LEO-T) based on TCP/IP
RS-422 hard-line telemetry interface
S/W frame sync
R-S decoding
rate convolutional
rate convolutional
Packet decomm and distribution
Serial command uplink fully supporting COP-1 protocol
CCSDS compliant

Digital History Data Store (DHDS)

Standard PC (same CPU as FEDS) running Red-Hat Enterprise Linux
On-line real-time archive with multiple data storage options
Real-time playback of all mission test datasets (including thermal vac, mission sims, etc) without any reconfiguration
Automatic Level 0 processing for data reliability

ASIST Engineering Work-Station:

Sophisticated Graphics and Text display capabilities
Industry Standard STOL Language driven decommutation
Integrated local history archives
Database driven command, monitoring and control
Interactive Commanding
Script Driven Test Procedures
Real-Time Page Displays and Event Log
Command Status Windows
Real-Time Derived Data Computations
Simple Display Page development
Text-file based Command and Telemetry Database allows for rapid editing and reloading
Real-time Trending

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